Unique How to make decorative wall mounted fans

Dec 31st

Decorative wall mounted fans, a fan hanging on the wall instantly adds a touch of Asian inspiration to a room. While there are many different fans decorative wall available to buy, do your own allows you to create an additional fan for room decoration can also juxtapose traditional Asian feeling of the fan pattern paper modern printing, or paint your own design on paper. The level of difficulty is easy. And things you need are, decorative paper sheet 12-by-24 inches-thimble or plastic scraper Ruler 2 split bamboo, 24 inches long Sand paper Glue Finishing nails hammer.

And to make decorative wall mounted fans, please follow these instructions. First of all, place the piece of paper flat on the work surface with the right side down. Make a fold 1 inch by 12 inch side of the paper. Place the thimble on your finger to crease the fold, or use a plastic scraper – not only does this save his finger to have to fold all folds, but also creates a sharper crease. Then, turn the paper and does another 1 inch fold on the same weekend that the first fold. Turn the paper over again and make a third fold 1 inch. The folds should be building on top of one another. Continue until all the paper is folded, and resembles a thick, spring 1 by 12 inch paper. When you release the paper, you must spring open, and when all the folds are held together at one end, which resembles a fan.

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After that, arena the bamboo to remove any rough spots. Choose poles that are about 1 inch wide, or a little less. Should not be wider than 1 inch, however. Next is that you have to place the two branches of bamboo, right side up on your work surface. Reeds cross over each other at one end, about 4 inches, and then pull the other ends apart until they are about 16-18 inches apart at the top. Glue the rods together in cross stitch and let dry. Finally, that’s all about decorative wall mounted fans that I can share today. Thank you.